Manufactured by Japanese Technology and Machine Lines, Shiitake & Seaweed Soup is the only mushroom soup with added more seaweeds. In addition to, It tastes even better when topped with shiitake floss.

This product appropriates Vegan, Dieters and Non Vegan. 

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom (25%), Seaweed (20%), seasame seeds, salt, pepper, green onion, yeast extract

Packaging: Paper Box

Net/Gross Weight: 4.5g*5 bags

Expiration date: 1 year from the production date

Preservation: At room temperature

The best time for use: Ready to eat after opening


– Opening the soup bag and put it into the bowl

– Pouring 140ml 80℃ hot water into the bowl 

– Wating in 3 minutes until seaweed and shiitake bloom


– Nutritional value is not less than 80% of the value stated on the label

– This soup will be served best if let shiitake bloomed fully with seaweed

– Made from carefully selected ingredients of safe quality, with sublimation drying technology, preserving the freshness and nutrition of the dish

– With just one soup packet, you can mix it with 140ml of water and have a bowl of soup with the flavors of seaweed and mushroom

Product with 5 “NO”:

– Non chemical flavor

– Non chemical coloring

– Non GMO (Genetically modified)

– Non chemical presenvative

– Non MSG (Monosodium glutamate)


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