Shiitake Jerky is a plant based meat from Shiitake Stems. With a combination of more than 15 different spices to create a delicious and attractive product to every fiber of Mushroom. Shiitake Jerky enhances the flavor and can be enjoyed as a snack or paired with rice.

Shiitake Jerky Garlic & Chilli Flavor suitable to be paired with bread, rice, stickey rice and other dishes.

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom 62%, brown sugar, garlic 7%, lemongrass, ginger, vegetable oil, cashew oil, salt, soy sauce, vegetarian seasoning powder, pepper, chilli, five-spice powder
Flavor: Garlic & Chilli 

Packaging: Vacuum/Retort bag

Net/Gross Weight: 125g

Expiration date: 3 months from the production date

Preservation: Store at 4℃ – 6℃ 

The best time for use: Ready to eat after opening the bag 


– Ready to eat after opening

– Used as topping with hotpot, rice, sticky rice, porridge, bread, pizza, sandwich, pasta, salad or any other creative usages

– For better taste within 7 days after opening

– Suitable for daily meals, as well as for a gift to family and friends on special occasions, festivals and holidays

Shiitake Jerky Garlic & Chilli Flavor appropriates for Vegan and Dieters

Product with 5 “NO”:

– Non chemical flavor

– Non chemical coloring

– Non GMO (Genetically modified)

– Non chemical presenvative

– Non MSG (Monosodium glutamate)


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