Shiitake Based Meat is made from various types of mushrooms and nuts (without using soybeans), entirely from plants. It can be baked, pan-fried to use with hamburger, sandwich, bread, spaghetti, rice, sticky rice, spring roll, noodle…
Shiitake Based Meat appropriates for Vegetarians, Dieters and Non Vegetarians
Ingredients: Water, Pea protein 20%, shiitake mushroom 10%, jackfruit, coconut oil, potato stratch, vegan seasoning, carrageen-an (E407), meat flavor, salt, sugar,…

Packaging: Vacuum/Retort bag

Net/Gross Weight: 125g and 240g 

Expiration date: 6 months from manufacture date


– Keep frozen, re – freezing not recommended

– Frozen products in 2 types of processing or fresh pre cooked: Store at -18℃

– Cooling products in 2 types of processing or fresh pre cooked: Store at 2℃ – 8 ℃

Best time for use: Within 3 days after defrosting


– Step 1: Heat non – stick pan over medium – high temperature, add thin layer of piant oil until boiling, add meatball

– Step 2: Cook 1 side in 3 – 4 minutes, flip other side and do the same

– Step 3: Enjoy immediately or make other dishes such as burger, tomato sauce meatball, salad,..

Shiitake Based Meat ready to eat or better quality after heating/ frying / grilling. Use as pork/beef/chicken… with BBQ, spaghetti, hamburger, rice, porridge, bread, pizza, sandwich, pasta or any other creative usages

Cooking with spices and sauces in any creatives usages with the fresh pre cooked products


– Non GMO

– No Bad Cholesterol

– High Protein

– High Fibre


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