Mushroom sausage is made with over 65% mushrooms and when you have eaten, it has a slightly crunchy texture similar to eat agar jelly. It can be consumed as is without further cooking.

Mushroom sausage is the ready to eat as the topping with rice, soup, noodle, porridge, sandwich, bread, salad,…

Ingredients: King oyster mushroom (30%), Oyster mushroom (30%), Wood ear (10%), vegetarian oil, salt, pepper,…
Packaging: Vacuum/Retort bag

Net/Gross Weight: 200g

Expiration date: 2 months from manufacture date

Preservation: Store at 4℃ – 6

The best time for use: Use right after opening the bag for the best quality


Ready to eat after opening

– Used as topping with hotpot, rice, porridge, bread, pizza, sandwich, pasta, salad or any other creative usages

For better taste, should be served cold

– Suitable for daily meals, as well as for a gift to family and friends on special occasions, festivals and holidays

The product appropriates for Vegan, Dieters, Non Vegan

Notes: Can be extend the expriration date to 12 months from manufacture date if store at -18℃

Features of Mushroom Sausage:

– Good binding properties, doesn’t crumble or break when sliced

– Crispy and crunchy texture, delicious and refreshing taste, the natural flavors of various mushrooms

– Can be used in a variety of dishes


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