Vegan Shiitake an innovative product combining Western ham and South Asian “chả”. This creation is added nutritional value when combined with shiitake mushrooms to create a dish that combines the taste and deliciousness of a product from plant based protein.
Vegan Shiitake Silken Sausage is the ready to eat as the topping with rice, sticky rice, spring roll, soup, noodle, porridge, sandwich, bread, spaghetti, sushi, gimbab or even hotpot.
Ingredients: Shiitake Mushroom (15%), Flour, Gluten flour, vegetable oil, soy sauge, sugar, salt, pepper, vegetarian seasoning,…
Packaging: Vacuum/Retort bag

Net/Gross Weight: 250g

Expiration date: 2 months from manufacture date

Preservation: Store at 4℃ – 6

The best time for use: Use right after opening the bag for the best quality


– Ready to eat or using after heating/frying it

– Used as topping with hotpot, rice, sticky rice, porridge, bread, pizza, sandwich, pasta or any other creative usages

Vegan Shiitake Silken Sausage has a tender and soft texture, not powdery, with a mushroom flavor. It can be eaten as is or prepared according to your preference

The product appropriates for Vegan, Dieters, Non Vegan

Notes: Can be extend the expriration date to 12 months from manufacture date if store at -18℃


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